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Website MOT

My Website MOT is designed to help you find quick wins to improve the performance of your website.

What to Expect from the Website MOT

My Website MOT is designed to give you some quick wins to improve the performance of your website and ecommerce business. I do a high-level, front-end review of your website platform, functionality and search engine friendliness and recommend 8-10 simple ways in which your site can be improved.

Recommendations are tailored to each individual website, but may include elements such as:

  • Homepage design

  • Navigation and usability

  • Site content

  • Checkout functionality

  • Site speed

  • Device usability (mobile, tablet and desktop)

  • Platform and technology

  • Search visibility - are you targeting the right keywords and obtaining good rankings for these?

What you will get

  • A summary report of my top 8-10 recommendations to improve your website and start achieving your ecommerce business objectives.

Why clients love it

  • With constant competing demands on your time, this MOT helps you focus on the quick wins and ignore the other ‘noise’.

  • You start to see small improvements quickly, giving you more space to plan for longer-term and more strategic improvements.

Learn more or get started

Complete the form below if you’re interested in a Website MOT. I’ll reply within 24 hours and we can discuss the details and schedule your audit. Before getting started, I will require you to:

  • Complete my Client Discovery Form

  • Provide 50% payment upfront

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The Website MOT starts from £1,000.