Supplier Selection

Want to redevelop your ecommerce platform? Need more traffic on your website? Need someone to manage your social media channels? Researching and selecting the best service providers is time-consuming and potentially expensive. I can help you identify and select service providers that will match or exceed your business needs. The first step is defining your goals. My strategic approach to supplier selection helps you create a clear scope of your business needs, so that you end up with the exact solution you need, not just what a supplier wants to sell you.

I help you identify suppliers that offer consistent quality, reliability, value for money, and good service and communication. Talk to me today if you need to:

  • Find a web development company to build (or redevelop) your international ecommerce site
  • Find a translator to help localise your site
  • Find a partner for your international logistics, returns or local language customer service
  • Evaluate a quotation or compare potential suppliers