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Top 10 global ecommerce markets: 2019 update


Are you looking for new ecommerce markets for your business? This map – updated in January 2019 – shows the top 10 ecommerce markets in the world. For the first time, India is in the top 10, having knocked Brazil from 10th place.

How many of these countries are you currently selling to?

Talk to me about how to find new ecommerce markets for your products using low cost, low risk market entry strategies to these and other new markets. There could be many countries that at the outset appear to be attractive. I can help you make informed decisions and lower your risk by:

  • researching which markets have the most demand for your specific products

  • figuring out the potential size of the market and understanding who the local competitors are

  • calculating what it will cost you to gain new customers in any market

  • identifying suitable ecommerce channels and platforms to test new markets

  • creating a strategy to expand your business into one or more new markets

  • training you to use intelligent research tools to understand your risks and opportunities