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Marketplace Growth Planner

My Marketplace Growth Planner helps you identify marketplace channels suitable for your business and quickly understand which have the most potential and how you can launch.

What to Expect from the Marketplace Growth Planner

I research the most relevant marketplace channels for your business and product category (or categories), and provide you with a detailed and clear view of what the key requirements are for each marketplace, and how you can sell on them, including:

  • VAT and international sales tax

  • Shipping requirements

  • International returns management

  • Platform marketing and content

  • Technical requirements

  • Costs

What you will get

  • A matrix that identifies up to 10 recommended marketplaces, compares the potential of each channel/ market, and identifies the key partners you may need to take advantage of each opportunity, including data management, international tax and VAT compliance, delivery & returns and customer service.

  • A detailed written report for each individual marketplace, that outlines how they work, what their seller requirements are and insider tips on how you can maximise the opportunity they provide.

  • A pre-scheduled 30-minute call to review the recommendations and answer any questions you have.

Why clients love it

  • You get a detailed, objective assessment of the most relevant marketplaces for your business.

  • The recommended marketplaces are each given a priority score based on opportunity and effort required, so that you can focus on the platforms with the highest potential from the outset.

  • You save yourself months of research and are ready to start launching new channels right away.

Learn more or get started

Complete the form below if you’re interested in a Marketplace Growth Planner. I’ll reply within 24 hours and we can discuss the details and schedule your audit. Before getting started, I will require you to:

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  • Provide 50% payment upfront

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The Marketplace Growth Planner costs £2,000.