What is Affiliate Marketing and Why Should You Care?

  • An affiliate network is an ideal partner for online retailers
  • A virtual sales team, paid on a commission basis
  • Cost-per-sale model = increased profitability and ROI
  • Retailer pays the affiliate a commission on each sale
  • Drives traffic to the retailers website to increase sales
  • Increases awareness and brand visibility
  • Improves search engine ranking by increasing links
  • Incremental sales
  • Leverage large publisher network
  • Control commission, accurate reporting

How it Works:

  • Affiliate (Publisher)
    • Website that adds banners, text links or product feeds which link back to the merchant/retailer website, in order to earn a commission on each sale generated
    • Shopping directories, comparison sites, blogs, emailers, discount sites, voucher sites, content sites, social media, news site
  • Merchant (Retailer)
    • The company that is running an affiliate program
  • Affiliate Network
    • A third-party company which acts as an intermediary between affiliates and merchant. Helps Merchants find Affiliates that are relevant to their target audience, publicises available Affiliates programs to wide publisher network. Manage tracking, payments and reporting.

Call Three Sixty Interactive to find out how to select the most appropriate affiliate networks, how to maximise  sales through from your affiliates, what the common pitfalls of this channel are and how you can avoid them, and how to protect your brand when embarking on an affiliate programme.