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Need a light bulb moment to understand why your website is underperforming and what you can do about it?

Judith’s direct and clear suggestions had a big impact on our site traffic and engagement. The 360 Web Audit exceeded our high expectations.
— peter d, sustainabletravel.org

I will help turn your under-performing website around.

My mission is to help small business owners compete successfully in a challenging online market, by creating successful digital strategies and optimising your website and digital marketing channels to drive maximum traffic and sales. I am a firm believer that a business doesn’t have to be big to be SEEN.. it has to get seen to become BIG. I will help you get your business seen, and make sure that as people move through your website, they convert. 

Some of my most popular services are described below, but I can also create a bespoke package for your specific needs - whether you want an end-to-end service, or support in specific areas, I can tailor a programme to meet your goals.


360 Web Audit

Is your website driving fewer sales or less business than you would like? Use my 360 Web Audit to understand what’s holding you back and what changes you can make to ensure your website converts better.

Multi-Channel Growth PLanner

I research the most relevant marketplace channels for your business and product category, and provide you with a detailed and clear view of what the key requirements are for each marketplace, and how you can start selling on them.

Website MOT

My Website MOT gives you quick wins to improve the performance of your website. I do a high-level, front-end review of your site, functionality and SEO and recommend simple, but effective improvements.


Website Design Package

Your website is the all-important first impression for customers online, where you make that exciting first sale, and the first step in building loyalty to your brand. I work with you to understand the heart of your business and help you craft an online presence that reflects your goals. I develop websites on the Squarespace platform.

Social media

Social media has changed the way we shop, both on and offline and influencers are the new celebrities driving sales across fashion, beauty and just about every other consumer goods category. I help you define your social media strategy - including audience, objectives, and tactics - execute it and measure the results.